"In Conjunction With" (ICW) Event Information

In Conjunction With (ICW) events are separate and distinct events that take place alongside AOM's Annual Meeting. They are scheduled, organized, and hosted by third party organizations, universities, and groups for their participants who are attending AOM's Annual Meeting.

ICW events cannot be used for interview purposes nor can they be used by an AOM division, interest group, or committee to obtain additional program time. However, DIGs may submit ICW events for non-AOM related events, such as journal events or other outside events. Memorial services can also be scheduled as an ICW event and will receive a complimentary room for the event.

ICW Submissions will open in May 2022.  For more information contact icw@aom.org

AOM 2022 Key Dates

  • Late May/Early June:
    Annual Meeting Program opens
  • 5-9 August
    Annual Meeting in Seattle, Washington, USA
  • 4-10 August:
    Annual Meeting on the Virtual Platform